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    1,2,3...parent magic

    1,2,3 Magic. Easy to learn parenting solutions that work by Dr. Thomas Phelan.

    Family Education

    This website offers ideas on how parents can use consequences. This site also offers links to others on topics such as learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

    Great Schools

    For parents: offers information on a variety of school related issues such as homework, learning disabilities, autism. Click on ask the experts link to type in a concern. Look under the heading: Get ideas and learn more about...

    Interactive Autism Network

    The IAN community is a gathering place where parents, individuals with autism, teachers, researchers, physicians, therapists, and others can keep up with the latest research findings, questions about research, and influence the future of autism research.

    Love and Logic

    A website that provides helpful tips for parents and educators on guiding children. Click on Articles to look at several specific topics such as homework and consequences.

    teaching tolerance

    This site offers ideas and resources revolving around multicultural issues including acceptance, tolerance and compassion. Free subscription to Teaching Tolerance magazine.

    web md

    A source to locate information on health conditions and medications.