• Project Graduation General Info

    For the past thirty one years (the longest in the State of Illinois), Mt. Zion High School has organized a graduation night chemical-free celebration, “Project Graduation” for its graduates.  Since 1985 Project Graduation has been a means of providing graduates with an opportunity to socialize with fellow classmates one last time while ensuring their safety from alcohol and drug-related accidents, abuse, and violence.

                This event is sponsored in a cooperative effort by a school coordinator and parents of the graduates, with the financial help of many local businesses and organizations.  Again this year Project Graduation will be held at the Greater Decatur Y after graduation ceremonies this May.  Graduates will enjoy a variety of games and food throughout the night, which will lead to many lasting memories.  As in previous years, over 85% of the nearly two hundred graduating seniors are expected to attend.  To accomplish these goals, much advance planning is required, as well as the enthusiasm and help of many people and businesses.

                Also, the generosity of companies such as yours allows this tradition to continue.  We ask for your support through a donation for Project Graduation.  Any amount is graciously accepted; if you deem this a worthwhile event, your contribution can be sent to Project Graduation, in care of Mr. Matthew Moore, Mt. Zion High School- 305 South Henderson, Mt. Zion, Illinois 62549.

                We feel very strongly that the positive impact of Project Graduation is a vital part of our community.  Its anti-drug, anti-alcohol and anti-violence message is one that our youth need to hear and experience as often as possible.  The Mt. Zion Class of 2016 thanks you for your kind consideration of our request.