Graduation Requirements

  • Mt. Zion High School students must earn 24 credits to graduate.

    The following courses must be part of those credits

    • 4 credits of English (English I, II, III, and IV or RCC ENG 101 and RCC ENG 102 and/or Accelerated English I, II, III, English Language & Composition [AP], English Literature & Composition [AP], and English Literature & Communications)
    • 3 credits of mathematics; one course must be Algebra and another course must include geometry content
    • 3 credits of science (including 1 credit of biological science & 1 credit of physical science effective the graduating class of 2021)
    • 2 credits of social sciences (1 credit of U.S. History during 11th grade, 1/2 credit of Civics, 1/2 credit of Modern World History)
    • 1/2 credit of keyboarding
    • 1/2 credit of health
    • 1 credit of fine arts (may be music, art, foreign language, or vocational education [see below])
    • 1/4 credit of consumer education
    • 2 credits of physical education (Students must take Wellness/P.E. every semester unless a waiver applies [PE Waiver Form])


    The following vocational courses may be used to satisfy the fine arts requirement with the exception of those courses used to fulfill another graduation requirement.**

    • Heartland Technical Academy programs
    • Cooperative Office/Interrelated Occupations
    • Agriculture department courses
    • Computer Education courses
    • Family and Consumer Sciences department courses
    • Business department courses
    • Industrial Technology department courses
    • **(For example, Consumer Education may not be used to satisfy the fine arts component because it is already a graduation requirement.)