Class Rank/Grade Point Average

  • Class rank is based on an accumulative grade point average that is calculated at the end of the semester. Mt. Zion High School computes both weighted and unweighted GPA's and ranks-in-class. The unweighted GPA uses the traditional 4.0 scale:

    A 4 points A Superior (90-100)
    B 3 points B Above Average (80-89)
    C 2 points C Average (70-79)
    D 1 point D Below Average (60-69)
    F 0 points F Poor (0-59)

    Mt. Zion High School uses an "Add-On" system to calculate GPA using weighted grades.  To compute GPA for weighted grades, first calculate the student's GPA using the traditional 4.0 scale.  Then, for each year-long weighted course that the student passed, add .04 to the GPA.  For each semester-long weighted, passed course, add .02 to the calculated GPA.

    Weighted Courses

    Weighted & Advanced Placement Courses
    Advanced English I Advanced English II
    Advanced English III English Literature & Composition (AP)
    English Literature & Composition (AP)  
    Foreign Language
    Spanish III, IV  Spanish Language & Culture (AP)
    German III, IV French III, IV, & V


    Advanced Algebra II Calculus I (AP-AB)
    Pre-Calculus Calculus II (AP-BC)
    Probability & Statistics Applied Statistics


    Physics I (AP) Biology (AP)
    Chemistry (AP) Anatomy &  Physiology
    Adv. Chemistry  
    Social Science
    African American Experience Psychology
    U.S. History (AP) Ancient World History
    Adv. Computers Management Systems
    Accounting II