• Library Policies


    In order to keep the library running in an organized and efficient manner, students must adhere to the following policies:

    • Students may check out two books at a time.
    • Books are checked out for two week time periods.
    • Students may renew books for another two weeks.
    • You will be required to pay for any lost/damaged library materials.
    • Fines DO carry over from year to year and follow students from school to school.
    • If a student wants to request a book that the library may not have, fill out the clipboard, (located on the librarian's desk), with the requested information, or place the request through your OPAC account.  Username: lunch code.  Password: last 4 digits of your lunch code.  If this doesnt' work, please email me the information to get it changed in your library account.
    • NO food, drinks or gum in the library.
    • Respect library materials.

    General housekeeping rules:

    • Keep magazines and newspapers in the library, so that all may enjoy them.
    • Return books to the book drop, located at the front of the circulation desk. 
    • Remember to push in your chairs when you leave and keep four chairs per table.  If you move a chair, move it back!